Planned Features

  • Progression from day to night
  • Pets!

v0.7 (Current)

  • Removed under develop features. This includes attacking, running, and jumping controls as well as areas that focused on these controls such as To the Finish! and Arena minigames.
  • Added most of the level previews. These are small and simple levels to display the look and feel of the levels.
  • Added a new minigame, Memory
  • Added a new house
  • Inventory is now opened using by clicking the button in the upper left corner.
  • Added item previews to the shop and inventory.


  • Added a new minigame, Arena
  • Updated "To the finish!" to be much easier
  • Add a system to automatically report bugs


  • Fixed an issue with the Kings cup minigame. It now adds 15 gold if you win.
  • New players get 1000 gold.
  • Added a bouncy ball to the caste exterior stage.


  • Fixed an issue with loading data. Now using json instead of protobuffers to save and load data.